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Powers & Duties

The Community and Residential Services Authority shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. To conduct surveys to determine the extent of need, the degree to which documented need is currently being met and feasible alternatives for matching need with resources.
  2. To develop policy statements for interagency cooperation to cover all aspects of service delivery, including laws, regulations and procedures, and clear guidelines for determining responsibility at all times.
  3. To recommend policy statements and provide information regarding effective programs for delivery of services to all individuals with a behavior disorder or a severe emotional disturbance in public or private situations.
  4. To review the criteria for service eligibility, provision and availability established by the governmental agencies represented on this Authority, and to recommend changes, additions or deletions to such criteria.
  5. To develop and submit to the Governor, the General Assembly, the Directors of the agencies represented on the Authority and the State Board of Education a master plan for individuals with a behavior disorder or a severe emotional disturbance, including detailed plans of service ranging from the least to the most restrictive options; and to assist local communities, upon request, in developing or strengthening collaborative interagency networks.
  6. To develop a process for making determinations in situations where there is a dispute relative to a plan of service for individuals or funding for a plan of service.
  7. To provide technical assistance to parents, service consumers, providers, and member agency personnel regarding statutory responsibilities of human service and educational agencies, and to provide such assistance as deemed necessary to appropriately access needed services.